Saturday, April 17, 2010


I've finally done it -- I've created my Blog!  I decided it was time I joined the world of 'Bloggers' that I have envied for a few years now.  My experience has been interesting to say the least.  Not wanting to put the cart before the horse, so to speak, I decided to read "Blogging for Dummies" which I borrowed from my local library. Mistake #1!  As I closed the book I was sweating and gasping for air - this is no task for Dummies. I'm an old woman for crying out loud - all I want is a Blog!  So off I went to to get my feet wet.  Piece of cake.  What was I sweating and gasping about - it was so easy - even for me.   

I'm sure I will find ways to fine tune my Blog in the days to come, and I'm positive I will be seeking the help of some of my 'smarter' blogging friends; but for now I must simply get more practise using my digital camera so I can get some pictures ready to go with my posts. Perhaps I see a Photography Class in my near future!  When I went to school, Photography wasn't a class option - I'm a point and click kind of gal.  So if you have a recommendation for a favorite, no brainer, point and click digital camera, please feel free to leave suggestions in my comments.


  1. No great advice on a camera, but the way I take my photos is:
    *natural light (outside as often as possible... better on a cloudy day though!)
    *Macro setting (the tulip picture on most cameras)
    *no flash

    Can't wait to see what you share!

  2. Congrats on starting a blog. I belong to Learningfa. I done a few of the classes. It is a great site.

  3. Val - I bought a Nikon coolpix S8 which will take pictures up to 7.1
    megapixels- All my class pictures are taken with it. I don't need my scanner as the photos are great. I would highly recommend it. I had a coolpix before which is great for sending pictures on line but I wanted something a bit better so that if needed I could take larger pixel pictures. I don't think you need to worry about taking a course with it. I use it all the time -- it is adjusting itself and has the ability to take landscape pictures (one right after another which can be used as a wide landscape. I bought it at Blacks in Calgary (Market Mall)

    I can't remember the price but you don't need anything more than it unless you are going to specialize in photography.

    I hope this helps, Shirley ps. sorry I missed you the other day.